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Blvk Unicorn Saltnic Tobacco Pistachio 30ml

A flue-cured tobacco flavor balanced by the earthy notes of pistachio and a light menthol kick.

Blvk Unicorn Saltnic Apple 30ML

A Frozen Apple a day will keep your worries away as the taste of crisp red and green apples collide with a menthol...
RM90 RM50

Blvk Unicorn Saltnic Cucumber 30ml

A generous helping of refreshing cucumber slices paired with a familiar and tingly mint sensation; perfect year-round.

Blvk Unicorn Saltnic Grape 30ML

Indulge your taste buds in the ultimate grape sensation, blending fresh plump purple grapes for a full spectrum of subtle and bold fruit notes with every vape.
RM90 RM50

Blvk Unicorn Saltnic Honeydew 30ML.

Juicy honeydew melon chunks are combined with a plethora of mixed berries for a flavorful explosion that has never been experienced before.
RM90 RM50

Blvk Unicorn Saltnic Lychee 30ML

This blast of sweet lychee with a hit of cool menthol creates an explosion of fruity and chill flavor like you’ve never experienced before.
RM90 RM50